Asterweb is a web based gui for configuring Asterisk's realtime configuration. Specifically, it will help manage the sip_buddies, voicemail_users, and extensions tables. It is written in PHP.



In order for a user to have access to their voicemail, something must be done to the files in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/. I added the command "chmod -R a+rw /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/" in a script that is called whenever a voicemail is left. That script is referenced in voicemail.conf as "externnotify=". This will allow anyone to read/write the voicemail files. No one has a login to my asterisk server so I don't care. You might want to set up a group or something.

The contacts section is driven by a table that does not come with asterisk. Any table with a name and number column can be configured to work. I created a table that also streams a directory listing for my polycom phones. This will be incorporated into the polycom provisioning module I am working on. The contacts page is only for SIP users. It requires for someone to login so that it knows who wants to make the call. When the user clicks "call" it rings their phone, then calls the number. If you are using a polycom phone, it will ring-answer the phone. Meaning the phone will ring once, then automatically pick up. It saves the user from having to answer their phone. It is done by adding SetVar: ALERT_INFO="Ring Answer" to the call file. I believe this will work with Cisco phone, but have not tried.